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Wetlands are important to fisheries in the United States because
a) wetlands are the easiest places to catch fish
b) wetlands have the cleanest waters
c) many fish use wetlands for feeding, breeding and spawning
d) wetlands are extremely fragile and are protected by many federal and state laws

Animals that live in estuaries
a) tend to have very few offspring
b) are anchored to rocky shores with the help of rhizomes
c) must be adapted to varying salinity and water levels
d) benefit from unpolluted habitats

Tiny animals that exrete limestone (calcium carbonate) are called
a) coral polyps
b) barnacles
c) nekton
d) zooplankton

What are the two main types of freshwater wetlands?
a) open and shallow
b) mangrove and salt
c) salt and brackish
d) swamp and marsh

What is the largest estuary in the United States?
a) New York Harbor
b) Great Barrier Reerf
c) Chesapeake Bay
d) Everglades

What is one way that coral reefs may be damaged?
a) by large marine predators
b) by freshwater mixing in with the salt water
c) reef erosion caused by high tides
d) excessive sunlight resulting in rapid build-up of phytoplankton

Which of the following is classified a marine ecosystem?
a) coastal wetlands
b) polar ecosystems
c) coral reefs
d) All the above

How deep does light penetrate into the ocean water?
a) all the way to the bottom
b) about 100 m (330 ft)
c) a few inches
d) about 1.5 miles

Which of the following is not an example of zooplankton?
a) microscopic shrimp
b) very small jelly fish
c) algal blooms
d) larvae of fish, oysters and clams

Which ocean zone is the habitat to mostly decomposers and scavengers?
a) the deep ocean (including the ocean floor)
b) the shallow coastal waters
c) the sandy ocean shore
d) the open ocean surface

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