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a) combination of two different alleles
b) combination of two similar alleles
c) combination of two alleles
d) combination of the alleles

Two alleles put together to make a trait.
a) gamer
b) gamete
c) guava
d) gucci

Used to predict the offspring
a) Punet Squares
b) Punnet Squares
c) Punett Squares
d) Punnett Squares

Type of cellular division
a) budding
b) booking
c) bloating
d) boating

Sexual Reproduction
a) meiosis
b) mitosis
c) mytoesis
d) myohmysis

Homozygous dominant
a) ft
b) xx
c) FT
d) XX

Asexual reproduction
a) mitiosis
b) mitosis
c) mucus
d) mieosis

Phenotype means...
a) physical
b) fiscal
c) phyzical
d) physicel

Genotype means...
a) adele
b) alele
c) allele
d) a farmer in the dell

a) vanilla, vanilla, vanilla
b) vanilla, vanilla, sprinkles
c) vanilla, vanilla, chocolate
d) vanilla, sprinkles, vanilla

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