PIT Word 5-8 Matching Question Preview (ID: 35560)

Matching And Completion Questions.

____________________ are solid, dotted, or dashed lines that fill the blank space before a tab setting.
a) leaders
b) bullet
c) hanging
d) layout

A(n) ____________________ is any small character that appears before an item.
a) bullet
b) leaders
c) hanging
d) custom

You can choose from one of the preset margin settings, or you can set your own ________________________ margins.
a) custom
b) hanging
c) layout
d) leaders

You can also create _________________________ indents in which the first full line of text is not indented but the following lines are.
a) hanging
b) custom
c) leaders
d) layout

To vertically align text, go to the Page Setup dialog box and click on the ______________________ tab.
a) layout
b) custom
c) hanging
d) bullet

____________________ are pictures that help illustrate the meaning of the text and make the page more attractive.
a) graphics
b) object
c) page color
d) shape fill

A(n) ____________________ is anything that can be manipulated as a whole, such as clip art or another graphic that you insert in a document.
a) object
b) graphics
c) aspect ratio
d) shape fill

To fill the object with a different color, use the ___________________ button on the Drawing Tools Format group.
a) shape fill
b) page color
c) object
d) graphics

The relationship of the object’s height to its width is called the _____________.
a) aspect ratio
b) graphics
c) object
d) page color

To add shading to an entire page, click on ____________________ in the Page background group on the Page layout tab.
a) page color
b) shape fill
c) aspect ratio
d) object

You can use the keyboard to insert a(n) ____________________ by pressing the Ctrl+Enter keys.
a) page break
b) footer
c) content
d) table

A ______________ is an arrangement of text or numbers in rows and columns, similar to a spreadsheet.
a) table
b) page break
c) footer
d) content

_______________ arranges a list of words in ascending order or in descending order.
a) sorting
b) table
c) footer
d) page break

A(n) ____________________ is text that is printed at the bottom of each page.
a) footer
b) content
c) table
d) page break

Many predesigned elements in Word contain _________________ controls, which are special placeholders designed to contain a specific type of text, such as a date or page number.
a) content
b) footer
c) page break
d) sorting

The file in a mail merge that contains the information that varies in each document
a) data source
b) main document
c) merge field
d) template

The process of combining a document with information that personalizes it
a) mail merge
b) template
c) data source
d) main document

A file that contains the basic elements of a document such as page and paragraph formatting
a) template
b) mail merge
c) main document
d) data source

The document in a mail merge that contains the information that does not change
a) main document
b) mail merge
c) data source
d) template

A placeholder in a main document that is replaced with data from the data source when you perform a mail merge
a) merge field
b) mail merge
c) main document
d) data source

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