Waves Unit Part 1 Question Preview (ID: 35557)

Answer These Questions About Waves And Their Properties.

What is a wave?
a) Matter that travels from place to place
b) a disturbance that transfers energy place to place
c) The movement of particles from one place to another

What is energy?
a) ability to do work
b) the movement of electrical forces through space
c) back and forth or up and down motion

What kind of waves must have a MEDIUM to travel?
a) Electromagnetic Waves
b) Gamma Waves
c) Mechanical Waves
d) X-Rays

In this wave, the particles move at a RIGHT ANGLE to the wave
a) Longitudinal
b) Electromagnetic
c) Transverse

In this wave the particles move PARALLEL to the wave
a) Longitudinal
b) Transverse
c) Radio Waves
d) Ultraviolet Waves

The distance from the resting place to top of crest or to bottom of trough
a) wavelength
b) frequency
c) amplitude
d) speed

Distance from crest to crest or trough to trough
a) frequency
b) wavelength
c) speed
d) amplitude

# of waves that pass a given point in 1 second
a) wavelength
b) frequency
c) speed
d) amplitude

Wavelength X Frequency = ___
a) amplitude
b) height
c) speed

Frequency is measured in ___.
a) meters
b) liters
c) Hertz (Hz)
d) grams

In a transverse wave, the highest point at the TOP is called the ___.
a) crest
b) trough
c) compression
d) rarefaction

In a Longitudinal Wave rarefactions are when
a) coils are close together
b) coils are spread apart
c) wave is at its lowest point
d) wave is at its highest point

A wave has a speed of 160m/s and a frequency of 4 Hz. What is its wavelength?
a) 156 m
b) 40m
c) 640m

A wave has a frequency of 15Hz and a wavelength of 3mm. What is the speed of the wave?
a) 12mm/s
b) 5mm
c) 45mm

A wave travels at a speed of 480m/s with a wavelength of 12m. What is the frequency?
a) 468 Hz
b) 40 Hz
c) 40m/s
d) 720 Hz

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