Chapter 8: The Coming Of The Holy Spirit Question Preview (ID: 35552)

Sadlier Religion.

Confirmation is important because it completes Baptism and along with Eucharist fully initiates us into the Church.
a) True
b) False

During Confirmation the laying on of hands and anointing are signs of our sponsors's presence.
a) False
b) True

Why is the Sacrament of Confirmation important?
a) We are sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit and we are set forth to live our faith
b) We become more like Jesus and are strengthened to be active witnesses to him
c) Our friendship with God and the Church is deepened
d) all of these

A _________is a Catholic who helps prepare a candidate for Confirmation.
a) sponsor
b) disciple
c) catechumen

In the sacrament of Confirmation we are sent forth to
a) live our faith in the World
b) anoint others in Jesus's name
c) select a new name

Preparation for Confirmation helps candidates to
a) grow closer to Christ
b) speak in tongues
c) meet with their godparents

Baptism, Confirmation and _________are the sacraments of Christian Initiation.
a) Eucharist
b) anointing of the sick
c) confession

What do Catholics celebrate in a special way on Pentacost?
a) the coming of the Holy Spirit
b) catechumens
c) disciples

In the sacrament of Confirmation we are sealed with the
a) Gift of the Holy Spirit
b) special oil
c) the Eucharist

Confirmation deepens the gift of grace we first received at
a) Baptism
b) Mass
c) Eucharist

To ___________is to apply oil to someone as a sign that God has chosen that person for a special mission.
a) anoint
b) bless
c) pray

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