Informational Text Vocab Practice Question Preview (ID: 35542)

Text Features And Structures.

Information is organized in steps or a process is explained in the order in which it occurs.
a) sequential
b) spatial
c) problem and solution
d) heading

two or more things are described. Their similarities and differences are discussed.
a) compare and contrast
b) sequence
c) spatial
d) problem and solution

A belief or attitude that can't be proved.
a) opinion
b) fact
c) chronological
d) compare and contrast

The results of something are explained.
a) cause and effect
b) problem and solution
c) compare and contrast
d) sequential

A title given to one of the parts or division of a piece of writing.
a) subheading
b) heading
c) compare and contrast
d) text structure

Something that can be verified or proved.
a) fact
b) opinion
c) spatial
d) sequential

A problem is described and a response or solution is proposed or explained.
a) problem and solution
b) compare and contrast
c) subheading
d) sequential

The title, subtitle, or topic that stands at the top or beginning.
a) heading
b) spatial
c) fact
d) sequence

A note placed at the bottom of a page that comments on a part of the text.
a) footnote
b) problem and solution
c) heading
d) opinion

information in the passage is organized in order of time
a) chronological
b) sequence
c) cause and effect
d) caption

The different patterns an author uses to organize information about a central topic.
a) text structure
b) heading
c) opinion
d) footnote

information is organized in order of space (top to bottom, left to right)
a) spatial
b) sequential
c) compare and contrast
d) problem and solution

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