Art 3rd 9 Weeks Test Question Preview (ID: 35539)

Art 3rd 9 Weeks Benchmark TEST.

M. C. Escher can be regarded as what?
a) Famous math teacher
b) Father of Geometry
c) Father of Modern Tessellations
d) Father of Time

M. C. Escher was a master of what?
a) Geometry
b) Wood cuts
c) Landscapes
d) Painting lizards

Artwork that looks balanced when the parts are arranged similarly on each side is called?
a) Symmetrical
b) Two Dimensional
c) Three Dimensional
d) Thumbnail

Artwork that is made on a flat surface and is measured in only two ways height and width is called?
a) Three Dimensional
b) Symmetrical
c) Two Dimensional
d) Impressionism

Artwork that looks balanced when parts are arranged differently on each side is called?
a) Impressionism
b) Symmetrical
c) Three Dimensional
d) Asymmetric

Forms having height, weight, and depth are called?
a) Two Dimensional
b) Three Dimensional
c) Asymmetric
d) Symmetrical

An element of art that gives body to a work of art is called?
a) Asymmetric
b) Symmetrical
c) Form
d) Impressionism

Art movement that focused on the effects of sunlight on subjects is called?
a) Cubism
b) Pop Art
c) Pointillism
d) Impressionism

A small sketch or image of a composition is called?
a) Impressionism
b) Two-Dimensional
c) Thumbnail
d) Symmetrical

How did Vincent Van Gogh die?
a) Car crash
b) Disease
c) Suicide
d) Old age

Did Vincent van Gogh become a preacher?
a) Yes
b) No

When Vincent van Gogh moved to Southern France, what influenced him to use even more vivid colors?
a) Scenes of beauty
b) Other art work
c) Water colors
d) Sunlight and landscape

What kind of color did Vincent van Gogh paint his early works in?
a) Light colors
b) Bright colors
c) Dark colors
d) Color green

What profoundly influenced Vincent van Gogh's work?
a) Another artist
b) Japanese prints
c) His family
d) Environment

What type of art style is Vincent van Gogh known for?
a) Pointillism
b) Pop Art
c) Cubism
d) Impressionism

What part of his own body did Vincent van Gogh cut off?
a) His toe
b) His finger
c) His earlobe
d) His hand

Van Gogh was a Dutch painter and one of the most famous painters in what?
a) Modern Art
b) Classical Art
c) The History
d) The World

Who did Vincent van Gogh go to work for when he was 16 years old?
a) His father
b) Art Gallery
c) His Uncle
d) His older brother

A principle of design referring to the arrangement of parts of an artwork that seems to have movement or repetition is called?
a) Tessellations
b) Shape
c) Rhythm
d) Symmetry

Which one of the following design patterns were NOT done by Escher?
a) Birds
b) Lizards
c) Fish
d) Goats

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