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Explain the harmful effects mining has on the environment and explain how these effects are reversed.
a) It strips the nutrient rich soil off and animals lose habitats but the land can be reclaimed
b) It does not harm the environment
c) It changes the minerals in the soil but does not harm plants or animals and the minerals can be replaced
d) It pollutes the soil, but pollutants can be cleaned up

What is hydroelectric power?
a) power from a moving boat
b) power from moving wind
c) power from heat
d) power from moving water

Where does 1/3 of our supply of table salt come from on Earth?
a) The store
b) rocks
c) oceans
d) the atmosphere

How has the need for energy changed over the years to the present?
a) the need has increased
b) the need has decreased
c) the need has stayed the same
d) The need has increased then decreased

Name 2 ways fresh water can be made unusable.
a) salt and pollution
b) salt and underground
c) polluted and underground
d) polluted and frozen in glaciers

Most energy used in the U.S. comes from which energy source?
a) wind
b) hydropower
c) fossil fuels
d) geothermal power

Which fossil fuels formed from the remains of tiny ancient marine (ocean) organisms?
a) oil and coal
b) oil and natural gas
c) coal and natural gas
d) coal and peat

Why is crude oil heated in a petroleum refinery?
a) to combine all products together
b) to make the oil into natural gas
c) to separate different products at different temperatures
d) to make the oil into coal

What is the original energy source for anthracite?
a) ocean organisms
b) decaying swamp plants
c) decaying animals
d) the sun

What is geothermal energy?
a) energy from wind
b) energy from the sun
c) Energy from heat inside Earth
d) energy from water

Where did the energy in fossil fuels come from first?
a) the sun
b) plants
c) animals
d) Earth

What is the greenhouse effect?
a) It is caused when fossil fuels are burned and trap heat in the air
b) It is caused when oxygen builds up in the atmosphere
c) It is caused when fossil fuels do not get burned and other gases build up
d) It is caused when nitrogen is burned and traps heat in the air.

If you use lumber to make furniture and buildings, what cost to the environment does that cause?
a) There is no cost to the environment
b) organisms may lose their habitat and carbon dioxide levels could rise
c) An over growth of the environment
d) It will help control carbon dioxide levels

What energy source did factories use when mass production started?
a) wind
b) hydropower
c) solar power
d) electricity

Name the natural resource that can take hundreds of years to form and can easily erode.
a) water
b) soil
c) wind
d) sun

Trees help control which gas in our atmosphere?
a) Nitrogen
b) sulfur
c) carbon dioxide
d) ozone

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