Chapter 3 Lesson 2 - The Anasazi Question Preview (ID: 35531)

This Is A Review For Chapter 2 - The Anasazi.

Mark R. Harrington was
a) An archaeologist who discovered ruins of Pueblo Grande.
b) An engineer who excavated the Pueblo Grande.
c) A teacher who teaches about the Lost City.
d) An archaeologist who discovered the Spirit Cave Man.

What are the two names of the place were the Anasazi lived.
a) Pueblo Grande Nevada and Nevada
b) Pueblo Grande Nevada and the Lost City
c) Pueblo Grande and Las Vegas
d) Pueblo Grande Nevada and the Found City

Anasazi is a Native American term for
a) the old or ancient ones
b) the best Native American tribe
c) the most famous Native American tribe
d) the miners and farmers of the past

It is believed that the Anasazi left Pueblo Grande Nevada
a) because they got tired of staying in the same place.
b) because the could not mine salt anymore.
c) because there was a long drought.
d) because it keep raining all the time.

Anasazi mined...
a) gold and silver
b) turquoise and salt
c) salt and silver
d) turquoise and gold

To the Anasazi corn, beans and squash are known as ...
a) Just a bunch of garden foods.
b) The three brothers
c) The three sisters
d) The three most famous vegetables.

What are ruins?
a) Are things that have been damaged.
b) Animal bones left in the past.
c) What is left of a place after the people living their have gone.
d) What is left after a archaeologists have visited an area.

Houses built by the Anasazi.
a) ground houses
b) pit houses
c) cave houses
d) teepees

What is false about the Anasazi?
a) They were hunter and gathers only.
b) They farmed
c) They were the first miners.
d) They traded with the people in Utah and Arizona

Common food the Anasazi did not grow is:
a) corn
b) beans
c) cucumbers
d) squash

Irrigation is
a) a type of hunting for food.
b) a way Anasazi feed their tribe.
c) the crops that the Anasazi liked to grow.
d) ditches that bring water to their crops.

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