Food Chains, Foodwebs And Energy Pyramids Question Preview (ID: 35530)

Flow Of Energy In Ecosystems.

The producers are very important member of an ecosystem because
a) The eat dead organic matter
b) They are inorganic
c) The consume chemical energy in plants and allow chemical energy to enter the foodchain
d) The convert radient energy to chemical energy so energy can eneter the food chain

Tetiary consumers ...
a) Recieve the most energy from their food
b) Receive the least energy from their food
c) receive same amount of energy from their food as other consumer levels
d) Undergo photosynthesis

Omnivores are classified as either primary or seconday consumers because
a) They eat both plants and meat
b) They eat plants
c) They eat meat
d) The decompose organic matter

Secondary consumers are usually identified as either carnivores or Omnivores because
a) Secondary consumers eat tertiary consumers
b) Secondary consumers eat primary consumers
c) Secondary consumers eat producers
d) Secondary consumers recieve the most energy from their food

Heterotrophs are organisms that
a) Eat meat
b) Create glucose through photosynthesis
c) eat producers
d) eat other organisms

Decomposers are important because they
a) Hunt tertiary consumers
b) Create energy through photossynthesis
c) Breakdown organic matter
d) take nutrients from the soil

What is the energy trasfer that would occur if an organism eats a plant and stores the sugars as fats
a) Radiant to chemical
b) Chemcial to thermal
c) Chemical to chemical
d) radiant to kinetic

How much energy is released as heat at each level of an energy pyramid
a) 90%
b) 10%
c) 100%
d) 50%

90% of energy is release as _____________at each level of the energy pyramid
a) Kinetic
b) Radiant
c) Thermal
d) Chemical

The arrows in a foodchain or food web represent
a) flow of energy
b) flow of food
c) prey
d) predators

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