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Cause and Effect: As price of luxury goods (spices, gold, silk) dropped/ decreased
a) demand for luxury goods (spices, gold, silk) increased
b) demand for luxury goods (spices, gold, silk) decreased
c) fewer people wanted luxury (spices, gold, silk) goods
d) their was no change in desire for luxury (spices, gold, silk) goods

Who wrote The Prince?
a) Machiavelli
b) Petrach
c) Gutenberg
d) King John

The Renaissance spread to the rest of Europe thru
a) camel caravans
b) merchants and traders
c) silk road and shipping routes
d) warfare

Secular means...
a) religious
b) worldly
c) singular
d) clergy

Commerce is BEST defined as...
a) buying and selling
b) advertisments
c) ship building
d) farming techniques

Medici family of Florence became wealthy thru
a) feudalism and manoralism
b) warfare and politics
c) arts and entertainment
d) banking and trading

Vernacular is defined as
a) common language
b) Latin
c) amount of air circulation
d) creativity

Humanism is closely linked to what other -ism?
a) secularism
b) capitalism
c) individualsim
d) socialism

Renaissance focued on the study of
a) Greek and Roman civilizations
b) church doctrine and laws
c) astronomy and astrology
d) math and science

Cause and Effect: Printing press made text and books cheaper which...
a) caused the development of new types of transportation
b) increased conflict over trade routes
c) caused more people to become illeterate
d) spread of ideas and information such as humanism

Which is NOT a reason the Renaissance began in Italy?
a) Italian city-states were very wealthy.
b) urban cities created a place for artists and their patrons
c) large rural environments for peasants to grow produce and crops
d) geography- trade routes on the Mediterrarean Sea

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