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Examples of this include clothing, buildings, and automobiles.
a) mores
b) nonmaterial culture
c) material culture
d) cultural universals

Ideas, language, skills, and political systems are examples of
a) material culture.
b) nonmaterial culture.
c) laws.
d) ethics.

Material culture tends to change more rapidly than
a) nonmaterial culture.
b) society.
c) correlation.
d) subculture.

____________________ is the tendency to view one's own culture and group as superior.
a) ethnocentrism
b) cultural relativism
c) cultural leveling
d) cultural diffusion

What is a subculture that challenges the values of a larger society?
a) sociology culture
b) material culture
c) nonmaterial culture
d) counterculture

Prohibitions (bans) against killing people and stealing other people's property are examples of
a) mores.
b) culture complexes.
c) artifacts.
d) folkways.

What is ability to see the connection between the larger social world and our personal lives?
a) sociological perspective
b) cultural relativism
c) sociological imagination
d) cultural universals

Folkways are
a) written or spoken symbols.
b) the material culture a group shares.
c) the common customs of everyday life.
d) the physical objects of material culture.

Morality and humanitarianism are examples of
a) traditional American values.
b) countercultures.
c) material culture.
d) ethnocentrism.

What are features common to all societies?
a) cultural universals
b) traditional American values
c) counter culture
d) subculture

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