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A push or pull that acts on an object
a) Force
b) Acceleration
c) Friction
d) Mass

A force that always acts to oppose motion
a) Mass
b) Force
c) Friction
d) Acceleration

A change in a moving objects speed or direction
a) Acceleration
b) Mass
c) Force
d) Friction

Which is an example of friction that is helpful?
a) car engine parts wearing out
b) hole developing in your socks
c) tires moving a car forward on a road
d) the erosion of soil by wind

In order to produce a change in motion, a force must be a(n)
a) balanced force
b) unbalanced force
c) frictional force
d) gravitational force

Friction is a force that
a) opposes an object's motions
b) does not exist when surfaces are very smooth
c) decrease with larger mass
d) neither frictional and gravitational

One way to increase friction is to use ___________.
a) wax
b) water
c) sand
d) oil

What increases friction?
a) rough surfaces
b) smooth surfaces
c) more speed
d) more surface area

Which surface has the least amount of friction?
a) concrete
b) grass
c) carpet
d) ice

The tendancy of all objects to resist a change in motion.
a) inertia
b) force
c) Newton's 2nd law of motion
d) Newton's 3rd law of motion

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