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The phrase "survival of the fittest" is coined by
a) Auguste Comte.
b) Max Weber.
c) Karl Marx.
d) Herbert Spencer.

The two types of scientific variables are
a) statistical and hypothetical.
b) dependent and independent.
c) survey and experiment.
d) data and observation.

Sociologists refer to an observable fact or event that involves human society as a
a) social perspective.
b) social interaction.
c) social phenomenon.
d) sociological imagination.

What is a variable?
a) the number of people involved in an experiment
b) a characteristic that can differ in a measurable way
c) a statistical analysis of data collected during an experiment
d) the amount of time an experiment runs

What theoretical perspective follows the tradition of Karl Marx?
a) conflict perspective
b) functionalist perspective
c) interactionist perspective
d) variable perspective

Herbert Spencer was strongly influenced by the views of biologist
a) Charles Darwin.
b) Auguste Comte.
c) Karl Marx.
d) Max Weber.

What social science studies such things as government and voting patterns?
a) political science
b) psychology
c) sociology
d) geography

The social science that deals with the study of human social behavior from a group perspective is
a) political science.
b) anthropology.
c) sociology.
d) psychology.

What is a negative consequence an element has for the stability of society?
a) dysfunction
b) function
c) correlation
d) symbolic interaction

What is the social science that examines the choices people make to satisfy their wants and needs?
a) economics
b) sociology
c) psychology
d) history

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