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The conveyance of passengers and goods by means of wheeled vehicles specially designed to run along railways or railroads
a) Road
b) Highway
c) Subway
d) Rail Transport

An underground railway, also known as a metro, underground
a) Road
b) Highway
c) Subway
d) Rail Transport

In order for your city to make money, you have to have a lot of ________.
a) Houses
b) Businesses
c) Population
d) Money

What is NOT a way to make money in SimCity?
a) Set Ordinances
b) Loans
c) Neighboring Deals
d) Raise and Lower Taxes

______________ is what you spend your revenue (money earned) on.
a) Income
b) Expenditures
c) Transportation
d) Houses

What is NOT an example of an expenditure?
a) Loans
b) Ordinances
c) Raising and lowering taxes
d) Neighboring deals

________ is the money you will make in your city
a) Expenses
b) Expenditures
c) Income
d) Salary

What is NOT a source of income?
a) Loans
b) Neighboring Deals
c) Business Deals
d) Ordinances

__________ are the citizens of SimCity.
a) Simoleon
b) Sims
c) Cats
d) Dogs

__________ is critical to the growth of your city
a) Population
b) Transportation
c) Pollution
d) Police and Fire Departments

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