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The process by which genes from one organism are put into the DNA of another organism
a) Selective Breeding
b) Genetic Engineering
c) Natural Selection
d) Mutation

The structure in a cell's nucleus that contains genetic material
a) Chromosome
b) Gene
c) Allele
d) Mutation

A type of breeding in which only the organisms with the best traits are allowed to reproduce
a) Genetic Variation
b) Selective Breeding
c) Mutation
d) Adaptation

The disappearance of all the members of a species from Earth
a) Evolution
b) Adaptation
c) Genes
d) Extinction

Organisms with most adaptive traits for the environment most likely to survive and reproduce
a) Natural Selection
b) Extinction
c) Adaptation
d) Evolution

The process of changing gradually over time
a) Selective Breeding
b) Genetic Engineering
c) Evolution
d) Genetics

Changing in a gene (not a bad thing; It can be good)
a) Adaptation
b) Chromosomes
c) Genetics
d) Mutations

Adjust to environmental conditions in order to survive
a) Genetic Variation
b) Genetic Engineering
c) Adaptation
d) Natural Selection

A section of DNA on a chromosome that contains instructions for making specific proteins
a) Genes
b) Chromosomes
c) Alleles
d) RNA

The molecule that stores the genetic information of an organism; whole self
a) Chromosome
b) Gene
c) DNA and RNA
d) Allele

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