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Each vertical column on the periodic table is called a(n)
a) period
b) group
c) element
d) property

According to the book, what detail of the periodic table tells the physucal state of the element at room temperature?
a) the atomic number
b) the color of the element symbol
c) the atomic mass
d) the element name

Transition metals are
a) good conductors of thermal energy
b) more reactive than alkali metals
c) not good conductors of electric current
d) used to make aluminum

How would you describe most metals?
a) the are easily shattered
b) they are bad conductors of electric current
c) they are dull
d) they can be drawn into thin wires

What side of the periodic table has the most metallic elements?
a) Alkali
b) Alkaline Earth
c) Halogens
d) Noble Gases

When a halogen reacts with a metal, what is formed?
a) a salt
b) a compound
c) a non metal
d) an electron

How many valence electrons fo all elements have in group 16?
a) 6
b) 16
c) 14
d) it depends

The elements to the right of the zigzag line on the periodic table are called
a) nonmetals
b) metals
c) metalloids
d) conductors

How do physical and chemical properties of the elements change?
a) within a group
b) across a period
c) within a family
d) does not change

Which of the following is a property of alkali metals?
a) they are so hard they cannot be cut
b) they are very reactive
c) they are srtored in water
d) they have few uses

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