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The mid-ocean ridge is formed during seafloor spreading when two tectonic plates move apart. What kind of boundary is this?
a) convergent
b) divergent
c) transform
d) none of these

In a soil profile, the bottom horizon is also called horizon D. What makes up this hard layer?
a) rich fertile humus (the decaying remains of plants and animals)
b) sandy subsoil
c) partially weathered rock
d) bedrock

What events increased the salinity (salt content) of the ocean?
a) volcanoes erupting and spewing chemicals into the sea and rivers washing minerals from rocks into the oceans
b) plants and animals dying
c) people dumping chemicals into the sea
d) people dumping too much sand in the ocean

What salt mostly makes up the ocean?
a) calcium
b) magnesium sulfate
c) sodium chloride
d) phosphorus

What causes surface waves and surface currents?
a) the moon's gravity
b) the sun
c) the wind
d) differences in temperature and density

The sun's rays warm our atmosphere through empty space. This is an example of _________
a) conduction
b) radiation
c) convection
d) none of these

What causes the daily rise and fall of sea level known as the tide?
a) gravitational pull of the moon
b) wind
c) differences in temperature and density
d) none of these

Deep water currents in the ocean are caused by:
a) wind
b) gavitational pull of the moon
c) differences in temperature and density
d) none of these

Within our atmosphere, heat is mostly transferred when warm air or water rises and cool air or water sinks. This is an example of what?
a) conduction in the atmosphere
b) convection currents in the atmosphere
c) radiation in the atmosphere
d) can be all of these

Our atmosphere is MOSTLY made of:
a) oxygen gas
b) nitrogen gas
c) other gases
d) methane gas

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