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a) Why is another country trying to take us over?
b) The king of England is back on his throne.
c) Puerto Rico really should be given consideration as the 51st state of the U.S.A.
d) Democrats and Republicans are fighting tooth and nail for legislative control

Queen Liloukalani
a) This woman rules her islands with an iron fist.
b) We need more taxes to pay our government.
c) Hawaii must remain under it owns governance.
d) The islands are splitting apart. I can't possibly manage the affairs in all of them.

a) Henry Ford knew what he was doing when he implemented this technique.
b) Better to compromise and join forces than to fight and suffer defeat to those currently in control
c) our trade deficit is way too high. It really needs to be reduced.
d) Don't stop thinking about tomorrow for it will soon be here.

Panama Canal
a) Did we really have the right to create this passageway through the sea?
b) My teeth need to be cleaned, the gap of this massive opening needs to be closed.
c) The ditch is all clogged up. How shall we fix it?
d) Around the Southern tip of Africa to the Middle East, great for transportation.

Rough Riders
a) Giddie up Horsie, Giddie up the journey up this mountain is yet long.
b) These men with sideburns covering their face rescued the president from assassination
c) Unity in the midst of diversity is what these men exemplefied when they drove the Spanish out of Cuba
d) Time to venture to the wild wild west.

a) Sorry, pal but the legislature says that no one is going to just drink their troubles away.
b) No trespassing on these premises.
c) Eastway Middle School is telling you to stop bringing your sodas.
d) What are you doing, don't press that button.

a) Need a haircut, come to my shop
b) Animals make great household pets.
c) Did no one ever tame them savage men?
d) Stop tearing down our cities. I mean it!!!!! Stop!!!!!

Leonidas L. Polk
a) There is a county in North Carolina that is named after me.
b) About time for me to have a run for governor.
c) The former president of the United States resting in peace right here in Charlotte.
d) The frustrations of all farmers should be heard by our lawmakers

a) Forget Osama Bin Laden and the war on terror, we need to focus on domestic issues
b) The world at crisis, so we should lead it out.
c) Opportuinity is available for all who want to come to the United States
d) The department of homeland security had to be formed to ensure our protection from a deadly enemy.

Wilmington Race Riot
a) What a tragedy it was when this marathon run celebration turned into a crowded fight
b) 33 years removed from the Civil War and prejudice is alive and strong.
c) What a joyous gathering of men who appreciate unity in the midst of diversity
d) Bloodybacks and lobsterbacks just can't stop fighting each other.

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