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Pew Ocean Commission 2003 recommends restoration and preservation of US marine resources
a) true
d) false

The primary methods used in commercial fishing include
a) longlining and drift nets
b) all of the answers are correct
c) gill nets
d) purse seining and trawling

The fishing industry thrives despite the fact that the fish sell for less than it costs to catch them because
a) the cost estimates are wrong
b) Bill Gates owns the entire industry
c) good catch years balance out bad catch years
d) government subsidies

Mare Liberum established the concept of
a) free access to the seas for all nations
b) EEZ
c) The seas split between Spain and Portugal
d) cannons that reach 5km

The first seaward boundary was _________km
a) 3
b) 300
c) 200
d) 5

The Truman proclamation in 1945 changed to concept of territorial waters by
a) widening them
b) none of the answers are correct
c) enforcing them
d) eliminating them

a) United Nations Convention of the Law of the Seas
b) the result of a 24 year effort
c) a UN document establishing economic and international sea zones
d) all of the above

The UNCLOS EEZ (exclusive economic zone) is 370 km of a nation's shoreline
a) true
b) false

The US EEZ is
a) 200 km
b) 370km
c) 500km
d) 1000km

Biodiversity is the idea that every organism is a biological resource because
a) every organism is edible
b) all organisms contain oil
c) every organism has a part in maintaining a healthy ecosystem
d) all organisms can be used as airplane rivets

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