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Which word best fits the word bestowed.
a) trusted
b) given
c) impacted
d) emancipated

What can you assume about Americans that have been faithful to their forebearers
a) They are waiting for sunshine to come and end the storm
b) They spend countless hours by the graves of the founding fathers
c) They respect the ideas of the men who laid the foundations of our nation
d) They love to play the lottery

Identify below which person would disagree with the line, Our economy is badly weakened, a consequence of greed and irresponsibility on the part of some, but also our collective failure to make hard choices and prepare the nation for a new age.
a) Someone who feels they can do a better job than President Obama helping the country get back on track.
b) Someone who believes the economy will not be able to recover from the economic crisis.
c) Someone who wishes the President would have talked more about the war on terror
d) Someone who is opposed to change.

Which of the following would best fit the Word adversaries
a) Duke and North Carolina have a huge basketball rivalry. They absolutely hate each other
b) Alltel Communications and Verizon Wireless recently made an agreement to form one company.
c) My dog and my cat fight all the time, but when a stranger comes up they are very protective of each other.
d) The teachers at Eastway Middle School are working so hard to help students succeed, even those who are making it difficult fo

Which word from below could Barack Obama have substituted in place of the word enduring
a) challenging
b) continuing
c) incriminating
d) charming

What is the best way for someone who does not know the meaning of enduring to find the answer for # 5?
a) Highlight the word enduring in the question, then skim and scan the text to find the word.
b) Read through Obama's entire speech until you come to the word enduring.
c) Write down a list of possible words that could fit in place of the word enduring
d) Say enduring to yourself 20 times until the answer clicks in your head

Which definition below is most likely intended by the use of the word obscure
a) dark and ominous
b) difficult to understand
c) mysterious
d) Not often seen

What is Barack Obama's most likely purpose in mentioning obscure workers
a) He wants to identify with those who are often not remembered for their efforts.
b) He is trying to make people realize that they must be rich in order to be respected.
c) He is recruiting new workers to hire as part of the American Recovery Reinvestment Act.
d) He wants to call attention to the fact that he himself started out as an obscure worker.

Which statement below would Barack Obama agree with?
a) Every one in America should be required to have a religion of some sort of.
b) Racial tensions in America are far too great to focus too much attention on.
c) Even when the world is against you, you can still become somebody.
d) The men buried at Arlington should be exalted as

A journalist is writing an article about Obama's speech. What would be the best way for the journalist to summarize the speech?
a) Immediately after taking the oath of office, Barack Obama challenged the threat of terrorism in the world.
b) Obama told Americans that the road ahead is tough, but we will press on and move the nation forward.
c) Americans listened as President Obama bashed the policies of the Bush administration in his inaugural speech.
d) In an effort to lift spirits in the midst of the current crisis, Barack Obama paid honor to those who have toiled hard for ou

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