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Modern frog larvae resemble some primitive vertebrate larvae. This similarity may suggest that primitive vertibrates
a) evolved before frogs
b) belong to the same species as frog
c) share a common ancestor with frogs
d) evolved from frogs

When lions prey on a herd of antilopes, some antelopes are killed and some escape. Which part of Darwin's concept of natural selection migh be used to describe this situation?
a) descent with modification
b) reproductive isolation
c) acquired characteristics
d) survival of the fittest

Upon close examination of the skeleton of an adult python, a pelvic girdle and leg bones can be observed. These features are an example of ______.
a) artifical selection
b) vestigial structures
c) homologous structures
d) comparative embryology

Darwin noticed that many organisms seemed well suited to
a) swimming from South America to Galapagos Islands
b) surviving the environment they inhabited
c) providing humans with food
d) being preserved as fossils

When a farmer breeds only his or her best livestock, the process involved is
a) survival of the fittest
b) artificial variation
c) natural selection
d) artifical selection

Which of the following is biochemical evidence for evolution?
a) Human hemoglobin is more similar to chimp hemoglobin than mouse hemoglobin
b) Embryonic human hemoglobin is different from adult human hemoglobin
c) Hemoglobin in humans can vary between different individuals
d) Human hemoglobin is different than mouse hemoglobin

What is the movement of genes into and out of a gene pool called?
a) random mating
b) nonrandom mating
c) direct evolution
d) migration

Mutations occur because of ______.
a) change in allele or genotype frequencies
b) the introduction of new variations through mistakes in DNA replication
c) the chance survival and reproduction of new variations
d) the introduction of new variations from elsewhere

The theory of continental drift hypothesizes that Africa and South America slowly drifted apart after once being a single landmass. The monkeys on the two continents, although similar, show numerous genetic differences. Which factor is probably the
a) comparative anatomy
b) fossil records
c) comparative embryology
d) geographic isolation

According to Darwin's theory of natural selection, individuals who survive are the ones best adapted for their environment. Their survival is due to the
a) possession of inherited adaptations that maximize fitness
b) lack of competition within species
c) possession of adaptations developed through use
d) choices made by plant and animals breeders

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