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Which of the following may be a valid reason for conducting animal testing in scientific research?
a) Production of new medicines
b) Development of surgical techniques
c) Testing foods and drugs
d) All of the above

Animal testing may be necessary because
a) Animals are cheap and easy to purchase
b) Animals do not need to be treated well
c) Animal testing may save human lives
d) Animal testing in fun and inexpensive

Which is not an example of learned behavior?
a) Opening a Window if too hot or cold
b) Hearing a buzzer and go eat
c) Adding water to a plant

Which is an example of this response?
a) Jerking your hand away from a hot stove
b) Running a race
c) Being late to class

In the stimulus animal video, where the piglet was trying to eat, but was unable to locate his mom. What to stimulus was he using?
a) Auditory
b) Heat and tactile
c) Visual

What is an example of habituation as a type of learned behavior?
a) Jerking hand away from a hot stove
b) Opening a window
c) Cow and umbrella

What was an example of trial and error?
a) The umbrella scaring the cow
b) Chicken going through the maze to find food
c) Sheep crying for her mom

What is the smallest piglet called?
a) Runt
b) Ewe
c) Sow

What are the 5 steps to stimulus response chain?
a) Eat, play, eat, play, sleep
b) Stimuli- receptors-coordination-effectors-response
c) Response-receptors-coordination-effectors-stimuli

What is classical conditioning?
a) Animal learns to respond to a certain stimulus
b) Panic response to stimulus
c) Animal watching others to learn

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