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New seafloor is created at a ____________?
a) mid-ocean ridge
b) transform fault
c) subduction zone
d) deep-sea trench

The descent (destruction) of oceanic lithosphere into the mantle is the process of _______?
a) subduction
b) contraction fault
c) divergence zone
d) accretion

Which of the following features is not associated with a convergent plate boundary?
a) a mid-ocean ridge
b) volcanic activity
c) a deep-sea trench zone
d) earthquakes

With respect to the Earth's land surface, which of the following expressions is correct?
a) precipitation = evaporation + runoff
b) precipitation = evaporation * runoff
c) precipitation = runoff - evaporation
d) precipitation = evaporation - runoff

The asthenosphere is _________.
a) hot and molten rock
b) rigid rock
c) cool and weak rock
d) hot and strong rock

The Andes Mountains of South America are a result of which type of plate boundary?
a) convergent
b) they are not related to a plate boundary
c) transform
d) divergent

What is the name of the large supercontinent that existed 200 million years ago when all of the continents were together?
a) Pangaea
b) San Andreas
c) Alfred Wegner
d) Indian

How does water get into the ground?
a) infiltration
b) condensation
c) evaporation
d) precipitation

Soil can hold water because of its __________.
a) porosity
b) permeability
c) well-sorted material
d) poorly sorted material

The boundary between the saturated zone and the unsaturated zone is called the______ .
a) water table
b) recharge
c) porosity
d) aquifer

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