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Which is Not an obstacle for studying the ocean floor?
a) pressure
b) time
c) temperature
d) light

A composition of ocean water is
a) rock
b) salt
c) light
d) evaporation

The continental slope is a rapid steep slope which slopes towards
a) beach
b) shore line
c) ocean floor
d) sea mount

The techonology that bounces sound waves off the ocean floor to map structures is
a) satellite
b) submersible
c) sonar
d) alvin

The part of the ocean floor where most pressure is exerted is
a) abyssal plain
b) seamount
c) continental slope
d) trench

The shore line is very unstable in that it changes with each coming
a) wave and tide change
b) wave and ocean trench
c) wave and guyot
d) wave and abyssal plain

Which ocean is between North America and Africa
a) Atlantic
b) Indian
c) Pacific
d) Arctic

Approximately what percentage of Earth' water is fresh water
a) 97 percent
b) 71 percent
c) 30 percent
d) 3 percent

In which steps of the water cycle does water lose energy?
a) evaporation
b) condensation
c) precipitaion
d) all steps

Which of the following processes is Not part of the water cycle?
a) evaporation
b) percolation
c) condensation
d) deposition

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