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How many high tides are there in a day?
a) two
b) three
c) four
d) one

What causes the tides?
a) gravity
b) wind
c) sun
d) moon

At what plate boundary setting is the ocean floor deepest?
a) subduction
b) divergent
c) continent - continent collision
d) transform

The Mid-Atlantic Ridge would stand __________ the abyssal plain
a) above
b) beneath
c) at the same elevation as
d) could be all of the above

A seamount is _________
a) an extinct submerged volcano
b) a coral reef above a submerged volcano
c) a small rise in the seafloor
d) a hill adjacent to a spreading center

Extrusive rocks have fine-grained textures because __________.
a) they cooled quickly
b) they are derived from volcanoes
c) they cooled slowly
d) they cooled inside Earth's crust

How are igneous rocks formed?
a) from the crystallization of magma
b) from the cementation of mineral grains
c) from increased pressures and temperatures
d) from the compaction of loose sediments

a) are crystalline solids
b) can form by life-processes -- organic
c) have a unique chemical composition
d) can be any state (solid, liquid, or gas) as long as that state occurs naturally

Which observation about a rock could lead you to identify it as igneous?
a) glassy texture
b) well-defined layers
c) contains pebbles
d) made of calcite

Metamorphic rocks are changed rocks. Which of the following rock types could be the "parent" of a metamorphic rock?
a) all of the choices
b) metamorphic
c) igneous
d) sedimentary

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