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Legislative Branch.[print questions]

Which branch confirms Presidential appointments?
a) Executive
b) Judicial
c) Legislative
d) none

In America, who makes the laws?
a) People elected to serve as president
b) People elected to serve in the legislature
c) Cabinet members
d) People elected to serve as governors

The Federal Government approves a budget every
a) 4 years
b) 6 months
c) 2 years
d) year

How are implied powers most often used by the United States Congress?
a) To help carry out expressed powers
b) To force the executive branch to sign new legislation
c) To encourage citizens to vote
d) To give the government veto powers

What happens after a bill is sent out of committee?
a) Signed into law
b) Sent to conference committee
c) Debated on the full house floor
d) Introduced into Congress

What is a proposed law?
a) legislation
b) amendment
c) regulation
d) bill

Legislative powers NOT specifically stated in the Constitution are —
a) expressed
b) implied
c) legislative
d) reserved

What happens to a bill after it is introduced?
a) Voted on by the full house of Congress
b) Sent to the other house for debate
c) Sent to a committee
d) Signed by the President

What is the first step in the lawmaking process?
a) Bill is signed by the President
b) B Bill is sent to committee
c) Bill is debated
d) Introduce a bill in Congress

Which level of government can declare war on foreign nations?
a) local
b) state
c) federal
d) none

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