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The pull of the moon on the ocean causes water to bulge and create
a) Waves.
b) gravity.
c) high tides.
d) the rotation of the Earth.

The two factors that determine when tides occur are the rotation of the Earth and the
a) revolution of the moon.
b) location of the sun.
c) rotation of the sun.
d) rotation of the moon.

Why do we notice gravity pull more on liquids than on solids?
a) Liquids move more easily.
b) Solids weigh more.
c) Solids move more easily.
d) Liquids weigh less.

On what part of the Earth is the moon’s pull the strongest?
a) places directly facing the moon
b) the ocean
c) places that are in daylight
d) places at angles to the moon

What kind of tide happens on the part of earth’s closest to the moon?
a) high tides
b) neap tides
c) spring tides
d) low tides

What forms when water is pulled away from between high tides?
a) low tide
b) bulging tide
c) solar tide
d) high tide

What are tides with the largest daily tidal range?
a) spring tides
b) low tides
c) neap tides
d) tidal bore

When the sun, earth, and moon form a 90\' angle what type of tide is occuring?
a) neap tides
b) high tides
c) low tides
d) spring tides

How many days are there between a spring tide and a neap tide?
a) Seven days
b) Ten days
c) Five days
d) Six days

Tides are caused by
a) gravitational forces of the moon and sun on the Earth
b) the difference between water levels at low and high tide
c) the periodic daily rise and fall of ocean water
d) celestial body around which Earth rotates

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