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__________ is the ability to do work or cause change
a) Mass
b) Matter
c) State
d) Energy

__________ is the average kinetic energy of the individual particles of a substance.
a) Temperature
b) Heat
c) Energy
d) Matter

A warmer substance has more __________ than a cooler one.
a) temperature
b) thermal energy
c) matter
d) specific heat

A substance with a high __________ takes more heat to raise its temperature one degree Celsius
a) thermal energy
b) specific heat
c) temperature
d) matter

What moves in or out of a substance during a change of state?
a) temperature
b) matter
c) mass
d) heat

When a material is melting, the temperature __________.
a) increases
b) remains the same
c) decreases
d) fluctuates

What type of solids do not have a specific melting point?
a) amorphous
b) viscous
c) runny
d) crystalline

The melting point of a substance is __________ its freezing point.
a) the same as
b) greater than
c) less than
d) independent of

Vaporization is different from evaporation because __________.
a) evaporation occurs at the surface
b) vaporization occurs at the surface
c) evaporation occurs in the liquid
d) only vaporization involves a change of state

What is the term for the changing of a solid directly into a gas?
a) vaporization
b) evaporation
c) sublimation
d) condensation

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