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What Do You Know About The Water Cycle?

Water that soaks into the ground is called what in the water cycle?
a) Collected
b) Rainwater
c) Water table
d) Groundwater

When clouds get too heavy to hold water in the water cycle, what happens?
a) The water falls to the Earth
b) The clouds get very very large
c) The water evaporates
d) Another cloud forms

In the water cycle what is it called when water goes up through a plant and is turned into a vapor?
a) Collection
b) Transporation
c) Precipitation
d) Condensation

Which stage is NOT part of the water cycle?
a) Precipitation
b) Emancipation
c) Evaporation
d) Collection

Studying the water cycle, why is the ocean salty?
a) It is rinsed from the scales and skin of ocean animals
b) Human pollution made it that way
c) Salt is carried down in rainwater
d) Groundwater picks up salt and minerals as it makes its way to the ocean

Studying the water cycle, where is the purest water on Earth?
a) Rivers and streams
b) Glaciers and ice caps
c) Lakes and ponds
d) Sulfur springs

What is tapped into when digging a well looking for water in the water cycle?
a) An irrigation ditch
b) An underground river
c) A sulfur spring
d) An underground aquifer

What turns water on the Earth into vapor in the water cycle?
a) The moon
b) The sun
c) Global warming
d) Water treatment centers

Condensation is when warm vapor rises, gets cold and does what In the water cycle?
a) Warms up again
b) Keeps rising until it turns to ice
c) Falls out of the sky
d) Gathers in clouds

Considering the water cycle how old could the water be in glaciers and ice caps?
a) Billions of years
b) Millions of years
c) Hundreds of years
d) Thousands of years

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