Western Hemisphere Canada 2.1 Question Preview (ID: 35080)

The Arrival Of The Europeans.

In what year did life change for the indigenous people in the Americas?
a) 1965
b) 1492
c) 1609
d) 1642

French explorers claimed land along what 2 rivers?
a) St. Lawrence and Mississippi
b) Platte and Big Blue
c) Missouri and Mississippi
d) Colorado and Mississippi

The reason why the French and Indian War began in the New World involved who would claim the land near what river?
a) Mississippi
b) Ohio
c) St. Lawrence
d) Missouri

France lost Canada and all of North American claims east of what river?
a) Mississippi
b) Ohio
c) Big Blue
d) Missouri

Who won the French and Indian War?
a) French
b) Native Americans
c) British
d) Spanish

The Treaty of Paris was signed by what 3 countries?
a) England, Spain, and Portugal
b) Spain, France and the United States
c) Canada, England and France
d) England, Spain and France

In Pennsylvania the French built what to keep the British out?
a) ranches
b) forts
c) walls
d) settlements

What group of people fought with the French against the English during the war?
a) Spanish
b) settlers
c) native americans
d) Canadians

Each country wanted to control the Grand Banks which was rich in
a) fur
b) gold
c) money
d) fish

England and France wanted to control the big money made in
a) farming
b) fishing
c) mining
d) fur trading

The English settlers were mainly
a) farmers
b) fishermen
c) miners
d) fur traders

England had two main rivals for control of the New World, who were they?
a) Spain and France
b) Spain and Germany
c) Spain and Portugal
d) Spain and the United States

The French and Indian War was fought between what two European countries
a) France and Spain
b) France and England
c) England and Spain
d) England and Germany

Why did the English colonist come to the New World?
a) a new travel experience
b) start a new life, own land, religious freedom
c) run away from their families
d) they were bored

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