Meiosis, Mutation, And Punnett Square Question Preview (ID: 35077)


A horse has a diploid of 64 chromosomes how many are in their gametes
a) 12
b) 23
c) 32
d) 64

Genetic variation allows a wide range of differences among organisms. In what phase of meiosis will the greatest possibility of variation occur.
a) Prophase1
b) Prophase2
c) Metaphase1
d) Anaphase 1

Down syndrome is a result of nondisjunction where chromosomes do not separate properly. What phase of meiosis could this occur in?
a) Telephase
b) Metaphase
c) Prophase
d) Anaphase

The removal or insertion of a will cause a DNA strand to move resulting in a mutation is a result of?
a) Inversiom
b) Frameshift
c) Translocation
d) Nondisjunction

Telephase 2 results in how many daughter cells and how much genetic information within those cells.
a) 1/ identical
b) 2/identical
c) 3/half
d) 4/half

Two heterozygous parents with black hair crossed what is the probiblity the children will have brown hair. Black is dominant over brown
a) 0
b) 25%
c) 75%
d) 50%

A homozygous dominant parent for tall is cross with a homozygous recessive short. What is the probability the children will be short? Where tall is dominant over short
a) 0
b) 25
c) 75
d) 100

If a karyotype has how many pairs of chromosomes of a normal person?
a) 6
b) 18
c) 23
d) 46

If the 21st pair of a karyotype has three chromosomes how many chromosomes would the person has?
a) 12
b) 23
c) 46
d) 47

Which stage of the cell cycle is responsible for duplicating DNA
a) G1
b) S
c) G2
d) M phase

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