Chapter 9.4 Part B Review (7th) Question Preview (ID: 35076)

Energy Resources.

A natural resource that can be replaced more quickly than they are used
a) nonrenewable resources
b) renewable resources
c) solar energy
d) fossil fuels

Thermal energy caused by the heating of Earth’s crust
a) solar power
b) reusable resource
c) biomass
d) geothermal energy

Which of the following is a renewable resource?
a) wind
b) coal
c) nuclear energy
d) petroleum

Which energy resource can be replaced over a relatively short period of time?
a) usable resource
b) reusable resource
c) nonrenewable resource
d) renewable resource

resource that can be used and replaced in nature
a) renewable resource
b) nonrenewable resource
c) geothermal energy
d) fossil fuels

Name one disadvantage of fossil fuels.
a) correct
b) incorrect

Which one of the following can change sunlight into electrical energy?
a) solar cells
b) windows
c) sun strips
d) water power

The sun’s uneven heating of Earth causes what?
a) heat
b) friction
c) rain
d) wind

What is turned by the kinetic energy of the wind?
a) generator
b) fan
c) windmill

Geothermal power plants pump water next to which one of the following?
a) hot rocks
b) glaciers
c) waterfalls

Which of these is a reason for not using fossil fuels?
a) Fossil fuels cause pollution.
b) Fossil fuels are hard to use.
c) Fossil fuels don’t produce enough energy.
d) Fossil fuels require large dams.

the energy of sunlight that can be changed to electrical energy
a) renewable resource
b) geothermal energy
c) solar energy

Which of the following types of energy is not a renewable resource?
a) wind energy
b) nuclear energy
c) solar energy
d) geothermal energy

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