Art 7 Final Exam Question Preview (ID: 35074)

Review For ART 7 Final Exam!

A form is a ____ version of a shape.
a) 1D
b) 4D
c) 2D
d) 3D

A painting or drawing of a person is called a _____.
a) Portrait
b) Selfie
c) Photograph
d) Drawing

_____ is an example of an Intermediate color.
a) Red-Green
b) Blue-Green
c) Purple-Green
d) Brown-Green

The way an artist arranges or puts together a wok of art is called _____.
a) plan
b) essay
c) composition
d) painting

The use of combining elements in a picture to create a sense of implied movement is called____.
a) unity
b) rhythm
c) dance
d) movement

What makes the primary colors so special?
a) they cannot be made by mixing all of the colors
b) they are bright
c) they can be made by mixing all of the colors
d) they have secret meaning

The use of different lines, shapes, and colors to create a sense of diversity is called ____.
a) Variety
b) Rhythm
c) Unity
d) Emphasis

_____ is the repetition of shapes, line, and colors.
a) movement
b) rhythm
c) variety
d) pattern

Red, Red-Violet, Violet, Blue-Violet are an example of what type of colors?
a) Intermediate
b) Analogous
c) Cool
d) Secondary

______ is the line that separates the land from the sky.
a) skyline
b) horizon line
c) mountains
d) vanishing point

To make the _____ you mix two primary colors together.
a) intrmediate colors
b) analogous colors
c) secondary colors
d) complimentary colors

____ is the focal point or first thing you see in an artwork.
a) emphasis
b) center
c) horizon line
d) subject

____ is arranging a piece of artwork so that no one part overpowers another part- symmetry.
a) rhythm
b) variety
c) balance
d) unity

What is the name of the tool Chuck Close used to make his pictures look more realistic/accurate?
a) grid
b) portrait
c) paint brush
d) compass

What are the three primary colors?
a) blue, purple, green
b) red, yellow, blue
c) orange, red, yellow
d) blue, red, green

A drawing done from real life, right in front of you is called a _____.
a) still life
b) figure drawing
c) observational drawing
d) landscape

_____ is when an artist uses similar things to create a sense of likeness or sameness.
a) Variety
b) Pattern
c) Balance
d) Unity

A painting or drawing of non-moving things is called a _____.
a) still life
b) figure drawing
c) portrait
d) 2 point perspective

When objects in a work of art appear in front of or behind one another it's called ______.
a) unity
b) pattern
c) overlapping
d) variety

A spot in a picture where things seem to get smaller or disappear is called a _____.
a) background
b) vanishing point
c) disappearing dot
d) horizon line

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