Colonies 4 Southern Question Preview (ID: 35061)

Southern Colonies.

There are ___________ colonies in the Southern Colonies.
a) 5
b) 3
c) 4
d) 6

If you lived in the Southern Colonies you would have which of the following jobs
a) Plantation foreman
b) Ship Builder
c) Cattle hand
d) Farmer of wheat

All of the following are Southern EXCEPT
a) Delaware
b) Virginia
c) Georgia
d) North Carolina

The climate of the Southern Colonies can be described as
a) Humid climate with mild winters and hot summers
b) Mild summers and cold winters
c) Humid climate cold summers and warm winters
d) Moderate summers and winters

Human resources in the South included
a) farmers and enslaved African Americans
b) Craftsmen and indentured servants
c) Farmers and free African Americans
d) Unskilled workers and fishereman

The following crops are grown in the South
a) Cotton, Tabacco,and indigo
b) Cotton, grain and wool
c) Grain, Barley and oats
d) Tabacco, peanuts and grain

The following people are found in the south EXCEPT
a) Ship builders
b) Slaves
c) planation owners
d) farmers

The South depended on the New England colonies for
a) Manufactured goods
b) raw materials
c) labor
d) Cattle

The important government (civic) decisions were made at the ________________ level.
a) County
b) Church
c) Town
d) Market towns

The social life was organized through the _____________
a) plantations
b) market towns
c) Church
d) county

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