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A rivalry or state of tension that developed between the U.S. and the Soviet Union was called?
a) A state of tension
b) McCarthyism
c) The Cuban Missile Crisis
d) The Cold War

The United States policy to hold communism within the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe is known as -
a) Truman Doctrine
b) Containment
c) Marshall Plan
d) Domino Theory

The United States and its allies formed a military alliance called -
b) Warsaw Pact
c) League of Nations
d) United Nations

A military alliance of nations dominated by the Soviet Union was called -
b) Warsaw Pact
c) League of Nations
d) United Nations

Which economic system rewards individual achievement and competition?
a) Socialism
b) Communism
c) Fascism
d) Capitalism

United States and the Soviet Union emerged from World War II as -
a) superpowers
b) allies
c) defeated nations
d) members of NATO

The Cuban Missile Crisis began when -
a) the Soviet navy ran the United States blockade of Cuba
b) a United States spy plane was shot down over Cuba
c) the Soviets began to build missile launching sites in Cuba
d) the Cubans began an invasion of the United States missile sites

The destruction of the Berlin Wall became symbolic of the -
a) collapse of communism in Eastern Europe
b) collpase of communism in Western Europe
c) spread of communism in Western Europe
d) the end of democracy and capitalism in East Berlin

Which of the following events came last?
a) Korean War
b) Cuban Missile Crisis
c) Vietnam War
d) The formation of NATO

This was an imaginary line during the Cold War separating Western and Eastern Europe.
a) Iron Curtain
b) Berlin Wall
c) Containment Line
d) Domino Theory

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