PIT Word Lesson 1-4 MC Question Preview (ID: 35047)

Multiple Choice Questions.

Which dialog box do you use to save a file for the first time?
a) Save As
b) Save
c) Save File
d) Locate File

The Print tab contains settings for printing your document. You can change the ____.
a) all of these
b) orientation
c) paper size
d) margin

Some documents, such as documents with wide graphics or wide numerical table look when printed in ____ orientation.
a) landscape
b) sideways
c) upright
d) portrait

To switch between views, you can click one of the ____ buttons at the bottom-right of the document window, to the left of the Zoom slider.
a) view
b) look
c) see
d) open

When using ___ software such as Word, you can easily create and edit documents, such as letters and reports.
a) spreadsheet
b) database
c) presentation
d) word processing

In the find and Replace dialog box, ____ allows you to jump to a specific part of a document.
a) Jump To
b) Jump Now
c) Go To
d) Go Now

To ____ text means to highlight a block of text.
a) select
b) choose
c) find
d) open

When you cut selected text, it is removed from the document and placed ____.
a) on the Clipboard
b) on the Desktop
c) in the Recycle bin
d) in the System Tray

When you ____ selected text, it remains in its original location and a copy of it is placed on the Clipboard.
a) copy
b) cut
c) paste
d) move

The ____ command allows you to see these hidden formatting marks.
a) Show/Hide
b) Yes/No
c) On/Off
d) Marks/No Marks

__________ means to change the look of text.
a) Formatting
b) AutoFormat
c) AutoCorrect
d) Quick Part

To insert the current date into a document use the ____ button.
a) Date and Time
b) Date
c) Time
d) Calendar

To correct an error that has been identified with a wavy underline, ____ the flagged word or phrase to open a shortcut menu with a list of suggestions to replace the possible error.
a) right-click
b) left-click
c) double-click
d) highlight

After you type the first four letters, ______ suggests the complete word.
a) AutoComplete
b) AutoCalendar
c) AutoDate
d) AutoHelp

In a new paragraph, for example, if you type the number 1 followed by a period, and then press the Tab key, Word assumes that you are trying to create a(n) ____.
a) numbered list
b) bulleted list
c) outline
d) presentation

You can copy the format of selected text to other text by using the _______.
a) Format Painter
b) Quick Style
c) Mini Toolbar
d) Font Dialog Box

A ________ is a coordinated set of fonts, styles, and colors.
a) Quick Style
b) Style
c) Theme
d) Palette

The ____ Style is automatically applied to a document.
a) Normal Quick
b) Both Right
c) Quick
d) Microsoft 100

To change text to italic, press the ____ keys.

The colors in the palettes all have names. You can see the names by pointing to each color to see its ____.
a) screen tip
b) dialog box
c) toolbar
d) status bar

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