Technology Vocabulary Question Preview (ID: 35036)


Online storage is refered to as........ (HINT- these are in the sky)
a) the cloud
b) backspace
c) browser
d) desktop

Enlarge the window to full size....
a) maximize
b) close
c) bit
d) RAM

A modifer key used to make capital letters.
a) shift
b) enter
c) CPU
d) drag

Shrink a program so it is not visable
a) browser
b) monitor
c) minimize
d) click

Software that allows you to view the internet.
a) delete
b) handles
c) browser
d) bookmark

ctrl shift QQ will allow you to.....
a) log out
b) byte
c) internet
d) modem

A worldwide network of computers connected to exchange data.
a) close
b) internet
c) arrow keys
d) keys

These three letters stand for Central Processing Unit
a) CPU
b) ICU
c) MOO
d) IDK

Entering your username or password to gain access to files or systems.
a) log in
b) desktop
c) cyberbully
d) cursor

Computer input device made from a set of keys.
a) password
b) keyboard
c) mouse
d) screen

Physical buttons on a keyboard.....
a) doc
b) edit
c) camera
d) keys

Output device that displays information from a computer....
a) monitor
b) sound
c) power
d) password

Visual representation of your mouse movement on the computer screen....
a) cursor
b) headphones
c) key
d) delete

When you press the mouse button down, you......
a) PCU
b) click
c) audio
d) run

Location in the web browser that displays the URL of the current page. (Clue- you have one of these for your house)
a) Address Bar
b) Byte
c) Cookie
d) Speaker

Keys that allow you to move up, down, and side to side are....
a) log in
b) arrow keys
c) operating system
d) modem

Sound produced by the computer is......
a) monitor
b) audio
c) address bar
d) byte

Speakers that a person wears on their head are called...
a) headphones
b) mouse
c) key
d) cloud

computer or hand drawn illustrations are called.....
a) clip art
b) control
c) bit
d) right click

To exit a program is to......
a) close
b) data
c) key
d) address bar

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