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Water Final Test.

The amount of dissolved oxygen found in a lake would be decreased by which human activity?
a) boating
b) planting trees
c) adding nitrates
d) swimming

What most directly affects the amount of dissolved oxygen in a body of water?
a) pH
b) turbidity
c) salinity
d) temperature

Which would be the impact on the environment if there were no estuaries?
a) There would be a drought.
b) There would be less boating, fishing and swimming.
c) There would be an increase concentration of salt in the oceans.
d) There would be more pollutants in the oceans.

Which best describes the types of organisms found in estuaries?
a) They can survive in salt water.! !
b) They cannot tolerate brackish water.
c) They tolerate both freshwater and salt water.
d) They are only found in freshwater.

Which is the greatest harm or hazard agriculture can have on a river basin?
a) Topsoil can wash into the river.
b) Farms can harm recreational areas along river banks.
c) Seeds from the farm plants can grow in the river.
d) Runoff from fertilizers and pesticides can pollute the river.

Which is the best conclusion about life in estuaries?
a) There is a diverse group of microscopic organisms.
b) There is a limited group of microscopic organisms.
c) .There is a very diverse group of organisms.
d) There is a limited group of fish and organisms.

Which best explains why estuaries are an important habitat for many marine organisms in comparison to the open ocean?
a) There are more nutrients available in estuaries.
b) There is less food in estuaries.
c) There are more predators in estuaries.
d) There is more salt available in estuaries.

Which statement best describes why most of the water cycle takes place over the oceans.
a) Most of Earth’s water is located in the oceans.
b) Saltwater evaporates more quickly than freshwater.
c) The temperatures over the oceans are warmer than over land.
d) The temperatures over the oceans are colder than over land.

Which best describes a significant benefit estuaries have on the environment?
a) Wildlife helps protect the land from erosion in estuaries.
b) Fishing industries thrive in and around tropical estuaries.
c) Pollution is moved from rivers to oceans through estuaries.
d) Coastal wetlands provide safe and ideal conditions to support animal habitats.

Which best explains how estuaries support plant and animal life?
a) The dry land removes pollutants.!
b) The water provides energy for growth.
c) The habitat areas provide nutrients and shelter.
d) The cold temperatures decrease dissolved oxygen.

If your community was planning to build a new sanitary landfill, what would be the most important environmental consideration in locating the landfill?
a) cost of the land
b) location of the groundwater
c) proximity to an industrial park
d) accessibility to a major highway

How would excessive increases in nitrate and phosphorous concentration affect freshwater systems?
a) It would cause excessive algal blooms.
b) It would cause increased dissolved oxygen.
c) It would cause increased water clarity.
d) It would cause extremely cold water.

How are estuaries connected to oceanic organisms?
a) Estuaries provide nursery grounds for oceanic organisms
b) Estuaries provide sunlight for oceanic organisms.
c) Estuaries provide primary food for oceanic organisms.
d) Estuaries provide excess dissolved oxygen for oceanic organisms.

To represent the distribution of water on earth, a teacher filled a 2-liter bottle with 2000 mL of water. She then made a mark at the 1944 mL point. What should be written at the 1944 mL level to distinguish the type of water to that point?
a) Water from glaciers icebergs
b) Ground water
c) Ocean water
d) Water from lake, ponds and Streams

Which best describes the relationship between fish and dissolved oxygen?
a) When dissolved oxygen levels are low, fish thrive.
b) When dissolved oxygen levels are high, fish thrive.
c) When dissolved oxygen levels are high, fish die.
d) When dissolved oxygen levels are low, it doesn’t hurt the fish.

What does pH measure?
a) how acidic or basic!
b) dissolved oxygen
c) nutrient levels
d) turbidity

Which statement best describes the relationship between agricultural fertilizer runoff and nitrates in a body of water?
a) As runoff increases, nitrate levels increase.
b) As runoff increases, nitrate levels decrease.
c) As runoff decreases nitrates cause algae populations to increase.
d) As runoff decreases, nitrate levels cause the temperature to increase.

Which measurement uses clarity to test the quality of a body of water?
a) pH
b) turbidity
c) bioindicators
d) dissolved oxygen

Through which practice do scientists gather information about bioindicators in a lake?
a) By measuring the clarity of the water.
b) By using thermometers and pH probes to test the water.
c) By catching organisms and making underwater observations.
d) By introducing fertilizers and chemicals into the lake.

Why is freshwater in short supply on Earth?
a) Most of it is in solid form.!
b) Most of it in the atmosphere.!
c) Most of it is polluted.
d) Most of it is trapped underground

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