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Review Of Information On Plate Tectonics.

The super continent called ______ existed about 500 million years ago.
a) Wegener
b) Hess
c) Pangaea
d) Himalaya

The presence of the same _____ on several continents supports the hypothesis of continental drift.
a) fossils
b) rocks
c) both a and b
d) neither a nor b

The hypothesis that continents have slowly moved to their current locations is called ____.
a) continental drift
b) continental shelf
c) convection currents
d) sea floor spreading

Plates move apart at _____ boundaries
a) convergent
b) divergent
c) transform
d) subduction

An earthquake under the ocean can cause a _______ to occur.
a) volcano
b) fault line
c) tsunami
d) convection current

During an earthquake, you would want to take shelter under a (an)
a) window
b) electrical wire
c) doorway
d) all of the above

In the following list, which is the strongest earthquake, using the Richter scale?
a) 3.5
b) 2.6
c) 6.1
d) 5.9

Earthquakes are produced by the _______ of broken rock underneath the surface.
a) vibrations
b) punching
c) kicking
d) singing

The Richter scale is used to measure the __________ of an earthquake.
a) deaths
b) location
c) magnitude
d) time

An opening in the Earth’s surface that erupts gas, lava, and ash is called a (an)
a) tsunami
b) volcano
c) earthquake
d) storm

Magma that reaches the surface of the Earth is called________.
a) water
b) rocks
c) steam
d) lava

The ________ are forming where Indo-Australian (India) plate collides into the Eurasian (Asia) plate.
a) Andes Mountains
b) Rocky Mountains
c) Appalachian Mountains
d) Himalayas

Most volcanoes and earthquakes will occur
a) along plate boundaries
b) high in the mountains
c) in the middle of plates
d) in the atmosphere

Rift valleys, like the one forming in eastern Africa, are one of the features that form along this type of plate boundary.
a) transform
b) convergent
c) divergent
d) subduction

If you wanted to find the oldest rocks in the oceans, you have to be near _____________.
a) continent coastlines
b) at mid-ocean ridges
c) in the middle of continents on land
d) at the top of mountains on land

The boundary where plates slide past one another is called _______.
a) transform
b) divergent
c) stand-still
d) convergent

____________ rises at divergent plate boundaries, pushing plates apart.
a) water
b) magma
c) solid iron
d) none of the above

The continuous cycle of heating, rising, cooling, and sinking that occurs in the mantle is called _________.
a) Convection current
b) Horizontal current
c) Vertical current
d) none of the above

Continental drift was first proposed by this scientist who noticed that the continents looked like a giant puzzle.
a) Einstein
b) Wegener
c) Hess
d) Galileo

The theory of ___________ states that Earth’s crust and upper mantle are broken up into sections called plates.
a) seafloor spreading
b) continental drift
c) plate tectonics
d) big bang

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