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Proper noun: The original Pledge of Allegiance was first published in the Boston magazine Youth's Companion.
a) Pledge of Allegiance, Boston, Youth's Companion
b) Pledge of Allegiance, Youth's Companion
c) Pledge of Allegiance, Boston
d) Boston, Youth's Companion

Proper adj/noun: British troops occupied Egypt during a violent uprising in 1882.
a) British/troops
b) British/Egypt
c) Egypt/uprising
d) British/uprising

Proper adj: The Spanish conquistadors plundered the Maya and Aztec Indians in Central America
a) conquistadors, Indians, Central America
b) Spanish, conquistadors, Maya, Aztec, Indians
c) Spanish, Maya, Aztec, Indians
d) Spanish, Maya, Aztec

Proper adj: Classical Greek literature was often imitated by Renaissance scholars.
a) classical, Greek, Renaissance
b) Greek, Renaissance
c) classical, Greek
d) classical, Renaissance

Proper nouns: The followers of Christ were first called Christians at Antioch.
a) Christ, Christians, Antioch
b) followers, Christians, Antioch
c) Christians, Antioch
d) followers, Christ, Christians, Antioch

In 1924, Congress passed an act granting full citizenship to the Indians.
a) act-passed, citizenship-Indians
b) act-passed, citizenship-full
c) Indians-citizenship, act-passed
d) granting-act, citizenship-full

Weasels, quick and crafty, are excellent hunters.
a) quick, crafty, excellent-weasels
b) quick, crafty-weasels
c) quick, crafty, excellent-hunters
d) weasels-hunters

The adult male cheetah, long and slender, is the fastest land animal on earth.
a) male, long, slender-animal
b) adult, male, long, slender-cheetah
c) fastest, land-cheetah
d) adult, male, animal-cheetah

The beautiful sequoias of the West are the world's largest trees.
a) beautiful-sequoias
b) world's-trees
c) largest-trees
d) all choices

Holly's trip to Toronto, Canada's largest city, was exciting and educational.
a) Canada-Toronto
b) largest-Canada
c) exciting-city
d) educational-trip

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