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Ice, wind, water, gravity, plants, and animals are all agents of
a) differential weathering.
b) mechanical weathering.
c) oxidation.
d) desertification.

If you drop a sugar cube into a glass of water, the sugar cube will dissolve after a few minutes. This process is an example of
a) chemical weathering
b) differential weathering
c) mechanical weathering
d) infiltration

The term for the arrangement of soil particles is
a) soil texture.
b) soil quality.
c) soil structure.
d) soil fertility.

If you increase the surface area of a rock, how will it affect the rate at which it weathers?
a) it will weather more quickly.
b) it will have no effect because surface area is not a factor in weathering.
c) it will weather more slowly.
d) it will have no effect beacuse a rock does not have a surface area.

The proportion of different-sized particles in soil determines the soil's
a) texture.
b) fertility.
c) structure.
d) horizon.

The removal of substances that can be dissolved from rock or layers of soil due to the passing of water is called
a) land degradation.
b) erosion.
c) infiltration.
d) leaching.

What is it called when wind blows sand and silt against exposed rock, eventually wearing away the rock's surface?
a) erosion
b) abrasion
c) chemical weathering
d) oxidation

When oxygen in the air reacts with iron, the result is
a) abrasion.
b) differential weathering.
c) oxidation.
d) infiltration.

Mechanical weathering occurs at a greater rate in climates that are
a) cold and wet.
b) warm and wet.
c) hot and dry.
d) cold and dry.

Which of the following is NOT a benefit provided by soil?
a) provides minerals and nutrients for plants
b) allows for water storage for plants
c) provides a habitat for animals
d) can be blown or washed away from its parent rock

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