Special Senses Review Game Question Preview (ID: 35003)

This Is For MSS1 Semester 2, Special Senses.

What are the cavities within the eye?
a) Lateral and Bilateral cavities
b) Anterior and Posterior cavities
c) Dorsal and Ventral cavities
d) Inner and Outermost cavities

What gland is located behind the eye that secretes tears?
a) Corti ductal
b) Tear cavern
c) Lacrimal apparatus
d) Vestal apparatus

What structure of the eye is able to change shape to help the eye focus light?
a) Iris
b) Ciliary body
c) Pupil
d) Lens

What are the layers from outermost to innermost of the eye?
a) Choroid, Retina, Sclera, Conjunctiva, Eye lid
b) Eye lid, Conjunctiva, Sclera, Choroid, Retina
c) Retina, Eye lid, Conjunctiva, Sclera, Choroid
d) Eye lid, Sclera, Choroid, Retina, Conjunctiva,

Sensory receptors classified by their location include what receptors?
a) Exteroreceptors
b) All answers are correct
c) Visceroreceptors
d) Proprioceptors

What can Sensory receptors be classified by?
a) Location
b) Stimulation type
c) Structural complexity
d) All of the above

How many type of stimulation classified sensory receptors are there?
a) 1
b) 6
c) 8
d) 5

Structural complexity: Free nerve endings are what?
a) Include: Nociceptors, Thermoreceptors, Chemoreceptors and Mechanoreceptors
b) Are nerve endings that have one end attached to a stimulus and one that isn't
c) Found mostly in exteroceptors and proprioceptors
d) Both 1 and 3 are correct

What is an Encapsulated nerve ending?
a) Mostly mechanoreceptors-detect touch and pressure
b) Both ends of the nerve are attached to a stimulus
c) They're the same as free nerve endings
d) Longer and located more centrally than free nerve endings

What kind of sensory receptors are there that detect change and generate impulses?
a) Somatic Senses: single receptors embedded in the skin, organs or muscle
b) Automatic Senses: instantaneous receptors that activate instantly, located in the brain
c) Special Senses: elaborate sensory organs such as the eye and the ear
d) Both 1 and 3 are correct

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