Personality Theory Question Preview (ID: 35001)

Personality Theory And Learning.

When someone stops reacting to the stimuli, this has occurred with it.
a) Extinction
b) Taste Aversion
c) Spontaneous Recovery

Freud believed we spent most of our time in this part of our mind.
a) Unconscious
b) Preconscious
c) Conscious

If a parent takes away a child's cell phone, this would be considered a _________.
a) Positive Punishment
b) Negative Punishment
c) Negative Reinforcment

With operant conditioning, positive could be a punishment or reinforcer as long as it was something that was applied.
a) True
b) False
c) No Idea

If the dog associated the ringing of the bell with food, the dog would be using the bell as the _____________.
a) Conditional Response
b) Conditonal Stimuli
c) Unconditional Stimuli

The Sociocultural Approach studied the impact on our personality from these roles: ethnicity, gender and __________.
a) Culture
b) Age
c) Political Group

This theorist believed that we could be conditioned to learn.
a) Pavlov
b) Rachminov
c) Mozart

Freud and Jung both believed most of memories were stored in this.
a) Subconscious
b) Preconscious
c) Unconscious

Maslow believed this was the most basic level of human needs which included breathing and eating.
a) Safety
b) Physiological
c) Love and Friendship

Freud believed this was the final stage of development in which kids enter puberty.
a) Phallic
b) Anal
c) Genital

Freud believed this stage of development is when boys and girls noticed the differences between them.
a) Anal
b) Phallic
c) Latency

Freud believed we had defense mechanism. This one buried shameful or anxiety-filled memories deeply in this.
a) Preconscious
b) Unconscious
c) Subconscious

Freud believed the this part of your personality responded to societal pressures and used common sense.
a) Id
b) Ego
c) Superego

The type of personality trait that is reserved and not outgoing.
a) Introvert
b) Extrovert
c) Retrovert

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