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Matter takes up __________.
a) space and temperature
b) space and mass
c) heat and temperature
d) space and heat

Which is not a physical state of matter?
a) vacuum
b) solid
c) liquid
d) gas

Solids have __________ shape and volume.
a) indeterminate
b) definite
c) changing
d) no

Crystalline solids have __________.
a) no phase changes
b) repeating three dimensional patterns
c) an amorphous shape
d) two-dimensional crystalline patterns

Which best describes particles in a liquid?
a) less freely moving than a solid
b) more freely moving than a gas
c) completely unmoving
d) more freely moving than a solid

Syrup has __________ viscosity
a) low
b) no
c) high
d) runny

What causes surface tension?
a) particles of a liquid pulling along the surface
b) particles of gas pushing down on a liquid
c) particles of a liquid pushing up on the surface
d) particles of a liquid pushing on the sides of a container

Gases can be __________.
a) boiled
b) destroyed
c) expanded and compressed
d) expanded but not compressed

Particles with more energy move __________ than particles with less energy
a) slower and farther apart
b) faster and farther apart
c) slower and closer together
d) faster and closer together

What determins a material's state of matter?
a) solid, liquid, or gas
b) motion and strength of attraction between particles
c) strength of attraction between solid particles and liquids
d) how hard or soft a material is

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