5 Kingdoms Question Preview (ID: 34996)

Characteristics Of The 5 Kingdoms Of Life.

How many kingdoms are there?
a) only 1
b) 2
c) 5
d) 10

A cactus belongs to the ______ kingdom because it can produce its own food and is multicellular
a) protist
b) fungi
c) animal
d) plant

What is the difference between a fungus and a plant?
a) fungi are heterotrophic and plants are autotrophic
b) fungi are autotrophic and plants are heterotrophic
c) fungi cannot move and plants can
d) fungi are multicellular and plants are unicellular

In which kingdom do humans belong?
a) plants
b) fungi
c) monera
d) animals

Which kingdom is believed to be the ancestors to all other life on Earth?
a) Fungi
b) Protists
c) Monera
d) Animals

How are organisms placed into a kingdom?
a) based on how it reproduces
b) based on the number of cells in its body and how it gets food
c) based on whether or not it can move
d) based on how big the organism can get

Eukaryotic cells...
a) have a nucleus
b) do not have a nucleus
c) have chloroplasts so they can photosynthesize
d) are autotrophs

a) are all autotrophs and can make their own food
b) are all heterotrophs and cannot make their own food
c) are not eukaryotic (do not have a nucleus)
d) can be either heterotrophs or autotrophs OR BOTH!

A mushroom would best fit into which kingdom?
a) plant
b) protist
c) fungi
d) animal

All organisms in the animal kingdom...
a) are multicellular
b) are eukaryotic
c) are heterotrophs
d) all of these are correct

How are plants and animals similar?
a) both are prokaryotic (no nucleus)
b) both are autotrophs
c) both are heterotrophs
d) both are eukaryotic

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