ADV Ch 1 Review Question Preview (ID: 34983)

Marketing Is All Around Us.

Burger King's Aren't you Hungry for Burger King Now? is an example of the Analyzing Consumer Motivation thru Intensity Principal.
a) True
b) False

What are the 2 types of responsibilities?
a) Ethical and Political
b) Social and Ethical
c) Political and Social
d) Social and Political

Industry trade groups produce advertisements to promote the views of an entire industry
a) True
b) False

The principle that businesses should contribute to the welfare of society is
a) Social Contract
b) Degree
c) Social Responsibility
d) Trade groups

T or F: Advertising is not influenced by social and political issues.
a) True
b) False

Which brand agreed to use recycled paper in its catalogs?
a) Sears
b) Rue 21
c) Ralph Lauren
d) Victoria Secret

T or F: Advertising can educate consumers on how products or services benefit the earth.
a) True
b) False

average number of carbon dioxide gases associated with print advertising emitted annually by US
a) 7 billion metric tons
b) 100 million metric tons
c) 20 thousand metric tons
d) 70 billion metric tons

The use of advertising to support and improve the environment is known as
a) Environmental Marketing
b) Eco Marketing
c) Green marketing
d) Awareness marketing

Which product is most likely to use an infomercial as the main form of advertising?
a) Mustang GT
b) Dial liquid soap
c) Flex Seal
d) Captain Crunch

The idea that ppl became more dependent on the marketplace rather than the barter system is ___
a) consumer society
b) printing press
c) internet ads
d) infomercials

_______ made it much easier for companies to target specific markets/types of people.
a) The industrial revolution
b) Cable television
c) The printing press
d) Consumer society r

Advertising began in the early 18th century.
a) True
b) False

The earliest form of advertisement is
a) word of mouth
b) newspaper
c) banners on the walls
d) radio ads

What was Ben Franklin not responsible for introducing into advertising?
a) Headline
b) Illustirations
c) advertising agencies
d) ad placement

In 1938, what was the dominant form of advertising?
a) Magizines
b) Newspaper
c) radio
d) Tv

One of the biggest impacts on advertising agencies was the introduction of
a) radio
b) the Internet
c) mail-order catalogs
d) mass production

Who was responsible for spurring the growth of outdoor advertising?
a) Ben Franklin
b) Paul Harvey
c) P.T. Barnum
d) John Hardy

The Advertisement Campaign Beef, it's what for Dinner was used to promote a positive image of beef. This is an example of what type of influence
a) Social and Ethical
b) Consumer
c) Industry Trade
d) Environmental

What term is used to describe the process of selling a product in the market place?
a) Marketing
b) Pricing
c) Utility
d) Exchange

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