7th Grade- Unit 6 Question Preview (ID: 34979)


which has a larger volume?
a) volley ball
b) bowling ball
c) basket ball
d) all of these have about the same volume

a liquid has
a) a fixed volume and a fixed shape
b) no fixed volume and no fixed shape
c) a fixed volume and no fixed shape

which has more mass
a) soccer ball
b) volley ball
c) bowling ball
d) beach ball

whether a substance is a solid, liquid, or a gas depends on how close the atoms are to one another AND
a) the volume of each atom
b) how much matter the atoms have
c) how free the atoms are to move
d) the size of the container

compounds can be separated only by
a) breaking the atoms into smaller pieces
b) breaking the bonds between atoms
c) using a magnet to attract certain atoms
d) evaporating the liquid that contains the atoms

to find the volume of a rectangular box
a) divide the length by the height
b) multiply the length, width, and height
c) subtract the mass from the weight
d) multiply one atom's mass by the total

the weight of an object is measured using a scale that
a) compares the mass of an object with a standard unit of mass
b) shows the amount of space the object occupies
c) indicates how much water is displaced by the object
d) tells how hard the object is pushing on it due to gravity

a unit for measuring the volume of a liquid is the
a) kilogram
b) gram per cubic centimeter
c) milliliter
d) milliliter per cubic centimeter

The standard unit for measuring mass
a) kilogram
b) gram per cubic centimeter
c) milliliter
d) milliliter per cubic centimeter

to compare the mass of 2 objects, you would use
a) gradulated cylinder
b) balance
c) ruler
d) meter stick

what would happen to your mass if you went to the moon?
a) you would instantly have less mass
b) your mass would not change
c) you would weigh more on a scale
d) your mass would decrease because of the lack of gravity

the downward pull of an object due to gravity is called
a) weight
b) mass
c) volume
d) matter

the amount of space that an object occupies is called the object's
a) weight
b) matter
c) mass
d) volume

some objects have irregular shapes, to find the volume you could use
a) length x width x height
b) length x width
c) a scale
d) the displacement method

what is the volume of a box that is 2cm long, 5cm wide, and 3 cm high?
a) 30 cm2
b) 30 cm3
c) 20 cm3
d) 40 cm3

the smallest basic unit of matter is called a(n)
a) element
b) atom
c) molecule
d) compound

when atoms bond together, or combine, they make a particle called a
a) element
b) atomic bomb
c) molecule
d) mixture

a combination of different substances that remain individual substances and can be separated by physical means is called a
a) atom
b) element
c) molecule
d) compound

a _________ is a substance that contains only a single type of atom
a) mixture
b) compound
c) molecule
d) atom

when sodium and chlorine come together they form
a) water
b) carbon dioxide
c) helium
d) table salt

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