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Feudal Japan.

Feudal societies are generally based by ___________
a) A strict social hierarchy
b) a representative government
c) many business opportunities
d) protection of individual rights

Oragami, tanka potery, calligraphy, lacquered boxes, and haiku are all contributions of which culture?
a) China
b) Japan
c) Egypt
d) Rome

A skilled craftsman in Japan who worked with woods or metals was known as a(n)_________.
a) Artisan
b) Emperor
c) Daimyo
d) Samurai

The Japanese wrote their characters using a type of writing called
a) Shinto
b) Zen
c) Kami
d) Calligraphy

Peasants in Medieval Japan practiced a from of Buddhism known as
a) Hinduism
b) Zen
c) Shinto
d) Confucianism

Kami in Shintoism are believed to be
a) Samurai
b) nature sprits
c) Daimyo
d) Temples

Which of the following is not an example Ancient Japanese achievements or culture?
a) lacquered furniture
b) watercolor and ink paintings
c) Tanka Poetry
d) magnetic compass

When the shoguns took power in Japan, what did they do with the emperor?
a) They allowed the emperor to make many decisions.
b) They kept the emperor as a figurehead.
c) They banished the emperor from Japan.
d) They killed the emperor.

What was the result of Japan's early experiences with Europeans?
a) Japan embraced cultural diffusion with the European countries.
b) Japan embraced cultural diffusion with the European countries.
c) Japan sent representatives to other countries.
d) Japan adopted a policy of isolationism.

What has been the traditional food for the Japanese?
a) corn, rice, beets, and chicken
b) vegetables and lamb
c) potatoes and beef
d) rice and seafood

What was so scarce and valuable in Japan that control of it caused many conflicts?
a) land
b) gold
c) water
d) silver

What was the code of honor, loyalty, and discipline practiced by the samurai?
a) chivalry
b) bushido
c) shintoism
d) isolationism

Which of the following strongly influenced the arts of Japan?
a) the importance of the sea in the lives of the people
b) the religious practices of Buddhism and Shintoism
c) the importance of farming to the people
d) the importance of farming to the people

To what member of the social class were the samuari loyal for life?
a) peasant
b) merchant
c) daimyo
d) emperor

What culture greatly influenced the Japanese writing system and language?
a) China
b) Spain
c) Greece
d) Italy

What item did peasants give to the samurai and daimyo in exchange for protection?
a) Land
b) Crops
c) Money
d) Children

Which theme was most likely expressed in medieval Japanese art and poetry?
a) Romantic love
b) Nature and the samurai
c) Christianity
d) Knights

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