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Why doesn't air pressure crush your desk?
a) Because air is only pushing up under the desk.
b) Because there is no air pressure in a classroom
c) Because the molecules in air push in all directions.
d) Because air has no pressure.

The atmosphere is
a) the layer in which weather occurs.
b) the layer that contains the ozone layer
c) the layer of water in the oceans.
d) the layer of gases that surrounds Earth

Density can be determined using
a) Density = Mass/Volume
b) Density = Volume/Mass.
c) Density = Mass п‚ґ Volume.
d) Density = Mass + Volume.

Air in the atmosphere has pressure because
a) the stratosphere is thick.
b) air has mass.
c) wind moves the air.
d) temperature warms the air.

The less mass in a given volume of air, the
a) more the air weighs.
b) greater the air pressure.
c) more dense the air.
d) less dense the air.

The air pressure acting on the roof of your house
a) comes from the air within a few feet of your rooftop.
b) is greater on top of the roof than below it.
c) comes from the air above and below your roof.
d) is greater underneath your roof than on top of it.

As you rise farther in the atmosphere, air pressure
a) increases
b) decreases
c) doesn't change.
d) first increases, then decreases.

When climbing a high mountain, you get out of breath easily because
a) the percentage of oxygen in the air decreases.
b) the air is denser.
c) there is less oxygen in each cubic meter of air.
d) air pressure is greater.

National Weather Service measures air pressure in units called
a) aneroids
b) barometers.
c) millibars
d) pressure bars.

Instruments used to measure air pressure are called
a) thermometers
b) hygrometers
c) hydrometers
d) barometers

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